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0.1 Margot Rooker is a well-known American actress and wife. Despite the fact that she is very private and keeps a low profile, she is well-known as the wife of actor Michael Rooker.1 Quick Facts2 Margot Rooker: Bio, Age, Nationality, Parents3 Career and Professional Life4 Net Worth and Salary5 Body Measurements: Height and Weight6 Relationship Status: Single?7 Social Media Appearance

Margot Rooker is a well-known American actress and wife. Despite the fact that she is very private and keeps a low profile, she is well-known as the wife of actor Michael Rooker.

Quick Facts

Full Name: Margot Rooker
Profession: Celebrity Wife
Marital Status: Married
Married Date: June 22, 1979
Children: two (Alyssa, Gillian)
Relationship affair ?: No
Is lesbian ?: No
Education: Harvard University
Nationality: American
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: brown

Margot Rooker: Bio, Age, Nationality, Parents

Margot has not revealed even the most basic information about her date of birth, birthplace, or age due to her private nature. We know she is of American descent, but nothing about her ethnicity is known.

Margot’s parents and family are also largely unknown. All we know about her parents is that her father was a farmer and her mother was a housewife. Margot grew up with at least one sibling in a small village near New Jersey. Her siblings have accompanied Margot and her husband Michael to various events, so we know she has them. Nonetheless, the number of siblings she has and their names have remained a secret.

Margot attended a local high school and graduated with honors. She excelled in her studies and was awarded a scholarship to Harvard University. She graduated from Harvard, but the subjects she studied and the year she graduated remain a mystery. However, we do know that during her college years, Margot was interested in basketball, volleyball, theater, and public speaking. As a result, she was a member of her college basketball team and demonstrated her public speaking abilities by competing in intercollegiate debate competitions.

Career and Professional Life

Many moviegoers know Margot Rooker as the wife of well-known actor Michael Rooker. Margot worked as a chef in a local restaurant prior to her marriage. With time, her abilities as a chef earned her the position of head chef. Margot met Michael around this time and they married soon after. Margot quit her job after her marriage and became a stay-at-home mom. As a result, she is devoted to her family, and Michael has praised her for her love and support on several occasions.

Michael, her husband, is an accomplished actor. He started small, but thanks to his hard work and dedication, he has seen a lot of success up to this point. Michael is best known for his roles as Bill Broussard in JFK, Merle Dixon in The Walking Dead, and Yondu Udonta in Guardians of the Galaxy and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (among others).

Net Worth and Salary

As of now, Margot has not revealed her net worth or annual salary. She does, however, split the massive sum of $8 million with her adoring husband Michael.

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

Margot has dark brown hair and brown eyes. Aside from that, nothing is known about her height, weight, or body measurements.

Relationship Status: Single?

Margot Rooker is currently married to Michael Rooker, a well-known actor. Margot and Michael met at a wedding party through mutual friends when Michael was still struggling as an actor. They hit it off and began dating, eventually getting engaged. On the 22nd of June, 1979, the couple married, and they have been together for almost 42 years. Margot and Michael have two children together: Alynne, a daughter, and Gillian, a son.

Social Media Appearance

Margot is currently not active on any social media platforms, as she prefers to maintain a low profile.

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